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2020 Top Trends in Roofing

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Keeping your roof in top shape is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also an environmentally responsible thing to do. Roofing trends in the coming year will be eco-friendly, beautiful, and functional, providing you and your home years of protection and adding value to your most expensive asset.

If you are contemplating a roof repair or replacement in the coming year, take a look at what Len’s Roofing is suggesting will add beauty, strength, and value to your home.

Energy-saving roofs

Light-colored roofs tend to be more heat reflective, but it is the type of roofing material that makes it truly energy efficient. Taking into account the kind of climate you are living in, your roofing contractor can offer you some energy saving options that are both beautiful and will help deflect and absorb heat at different times of the year, as needed. Part of the energy-efficient movement includes:

Solar roofing

Integrating solar panels into an existing roofline is both cost-efficient and energy efficient. Solar paneling will help to absorb energy for later use, reducing your overall energy costs.

Metal roofing

Believe it or not, metal roofing is making a comeback once again. Today’s metal roofing comes in a rainbow of colors. Metal roofing is easy to install and it is easy to clean and maintain. Metal roofing is completely recyclable, and it can last longer than traditional roofing materials. These factors alone make them more ecologically sound than other material choices.

Cool roofing

A popular choice in warmer climates, cool roofing is designed to absorb less heat and deflect the sun’s rays more efficiently. Your home will be cooler overall, and energy costs will be lower. Cool roofing materials contain advanced reflective materials which direct the heat away from your home so your home stays cooler.

Special order roofs

Many manufacturers of roofing materials are now beginning to customize shingle design and roofing concepts. Many cater to homeowners in hurricane regions of the United States, designing materials to withstand gale-force winds. Other specialized treatments include adding fire-resistant materials and protective textures. Materials are also designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew and are treated to withstand excessive moisture. These choices put sustainability and practicality in the hands of the consumers, making roofing design economical and more efficient.

Concrete roofing

Known for its attractive design and amazing strength, concrete tile is timeless and available in a wide selection of colors and textures. Another benefit of concrete roofing is that, when correctly installed and correctly maintained, it can survive the strongest storms and harshest weather.

Color and pattern

Color and patterns are now trending in rooflines; people are moving away from the dark neutral tones of the past and choosing to express their individuality with more vibrant colors and textures that add aesthetic value to a home. Energy efficiency is often linked to roof color choices; in general, lighter roof colors are appropriate for warmer climates, while darker hues are suitable for those in colder climates where absorbing some of the sun’s warm rays is desired.

Current roofing trends are all about durability, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Individual voice and choice when designing your roof are important for adding value and protection to your most valuable asset----your home.

Len’s Roofing----Beautiful Results and Commitment to Quality

At Len’s Roofing, we know just how important your roof is to the overall value of your home. Choosing a roof that fits your needs, your budget, and your style is a process that should be easy and enjoyable; our professionals at Len’s have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose just the right experience for you. Quality work, fair prices, and a commitment to excellence make us the right choice for your next roofing project. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit to set up an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals.


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