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All About Roof Warranties

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A roof is a vital and important component of any building; it provides shelter, improves the appearance of your home, and it protects your loved ones and belongings from the elements. If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t give a thought to the condition of your roof until there is a problem. Repair or replacement of a roof is a big undertaking, and you need to have peace of mind knowing that you selected a reputable roofing contractor like Len’s Roofing. A roof warranty is a smart option for extra protection that will allow you to save additional time and money on your property.

What is a roofing warranty?

A warranty on a roof can be split into two distinct parts--the materials warranty covers any materials used for construction, while a workmanship warranty covers any labor or work done on your property.

A roof warranty can provide coverage for any defects in materials or workmanship; should any of these problems arise. While most roofing installation and repair jobs have some similarities, it is difficult to develop a standard warranty for all materials, as they all have a different “life expectancy.” Talk to your contractor about the options you have for installation and what an expected warranty might look like in light of the materials you choose for your home.

External layers (Shingle, Tile, Metal and Aluminum)

The outer layer on a roofing project can last anywhere from fifteen years to life, depending on the chosen type of roof. In general, you get what you pay for. If having an extended warranty that gives you peace of mind is something you value, consider spending some additional money for better materials upfront.


Underlayment is installed beneath the top layer of material; it adds an extra layer of depth, strength and waterproofing to your roof. A warranty for the underlayment might come with conditions, such as a clean roof deck or manual installation.


Standard industry vents are made from hard plastic; they come with lifetime warranties against disintegration. Installation of power vents can increase your homes ventilation – keeping your attic and home cooler. Len’s Roofing installs American-made solar vents with a 25 year warranty.


An installation warranty depends mainly on the type of materials used as well as the roofing company that is performing the work. If any part of the roof is installed incorrectly, you may be forfeiting the right to be protected by a warranty. Len’s Roofing offers workmanship warranties from 3 to 25 years on all of their roofs. Even roof repairs receive a 1 year workmanship warranty from Len’s Roofing.

Warranty Expiration

It can be confusing to determine when a warranty might expire. Ask your contractor to see what types of warranty coverage exist before deciding on materials to use.

Transferable warranties

You as a homeowner would have the primary benefit of a warranty on a recently installed roof, but what happens if you sell your home? Most warranties are transferable – one time. In this case, the new homeowner would also receive benefits associated with the roof installation. A warranty company should be notified of the change in ownership of your property, and new owners should have access to paperwork that puts them in touch with contractors and manufacturing companies providing services.

Len’s Roofing: Your caring roofing professional

Len’s Roofing is committed to customer satisfaction; we want to provide you with the roof and the warranty that fits your home, style, and budget. Caring, competent professionals go to work crafting the perfect look for your home; whether it’s a repair, installation, or a complete replacement, we have your roofing needs covered. Visit or call us at 941-896-7897 to set-up your roofing assessment today.


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