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Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Metal Roof

Metal roofing was once used primarily for commercial construction, but in recent years it has significantly increased in popularity among homeowners. Needing to protect your home and add to its value is of utmost importance, and one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this is by installing a quality roof that lasts.

As we become more informed about the benefits of metal roofing, homeowners are now making the switch to this long-lasting, durable material that is as beautiful as it is strong and functional. Whether you are repairing an existing metal roof or looking to replace your roof soon, consider the use of metal to significantly improve the look and feel of your home. Here are a few benefits that are experienced when choosing metal roofing:

  1. One of the most significant benefits of metal roofing is its long lifespan. Metal roofing is long-lasting. When properly installed and cared for, a metal roof has the capacity to last almost fifty years; zinc and copper alloys can last upwards of a century with proper care and maintenance. Metal roofs can outlast many other roof materials, including asphalt, wooden shingles, and even clay or concrete tile.

  2. Metal roofing is lightweight. Metal roofing is significantly lighter than other materials; one square foot weighs 1.4 pounds, compared to asphalt, which can weigh in at 2-5 pounds per square foot. Due to its simplistic nature and lightweight, metal is much easier to handle, giving installers a break from some of the more difficult aspects of roof installation. In optimal weather conditions, a metal roof can be completely installed in 1-2 days, with asphalt and tile roofs taking much longer to complete.

  3. Metal roofing can be used on all different slopes. The light, smooth design of metal roofing makes it easy to install on all types of roof designs. Installation costs can be reduced, particularly with a low pitch, as the material lends itself well to placement and design.

  4. Metal roofing allows for maximum moisture shedding. If you live in areas where excess precipitation and moisture can build up on roofs, it can lead to deterioration of your roof and, eventually, leaking. Metal roofing provides a sleek surface for moisture to slide off, allowing your roof to remain debris-free and watertight for years after its initial installation.

  5. Metal roofing is energy efficient. Installing a metal roof on your home can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30 percent. Metal is excellent at reflecting the sun’s rays away from your home, helping to reduce the temperature in and around your roof. Once the sun’s relentless rays subside, a metal roof can slough off additional heat quickly, making it much easier to regulate temperatures in your home.

  6. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly. If you seek ways to become clean and green, consider metal roofing for your home. Metal is 100 percent recyclable, and as you don’t have to worry about ongoing repair and replacement, the additional strength will make less of an environmental impact than other types of roofing. With nearly 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles making their way to the dump each year, making the switch to metal roofing is a significant improvement toward cleaning up the environment.

  7. Metal roofing is moss and fungus proof. Wood and asphalt shingles have the ability to absorb moisture, and as they do so, they begin to take on conditions that are ideal for the development of moss, mold, and fungus. These toxic substances break down the outer layers of shingles and permeate them and make their way into your home. Metal roofs are extremely resistant toward moisture buildup, and therefore cannot allow for the growth of mold and other fungi. Without these toxic substances to break down your roof, it will last much longer.

  8. Inclement weather, dry spells, and other natural disasters can strike at any time, so it’s nice to know that your roof has an added layer of protection to keep you and your family safe from harm. Metal roofing is fire resistant. Most metal roofing is considered Assembly-A class, meaning it is extremely resistant to fire.

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