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Benefits Of Tile Roofing

Tile Roof

Tile roofs are both durable and beautiful. Equal parts heavy and expensive, material this substantial can easily last 100 years or more with proper care. Historically, roof tiles were made of fired clay or slate, as these were readily available for most. Modern technology has now presented us with additional options for tile roofing that include:

  • Cement

  • Terracotta or clay

  • Composite

  • Rubber

  • Other synthetic materials

With an array of sizes, styles, and colors, it seems that we have the difficult job of picking out the right tile that complements our home's unique charm and budget. What are the benefits of tile roofing? How well will it wear over time, and is it cost-effective? These and many other questions will be answered as we take a deeper exploration of the benefits of installing a tile roof on your home.

Benefits of tile roofing

In general, the materials used to make roofing tiles are more durable than other types of roofing. Other benefits of installing a tile roof include:

  1. Curb Appeal–A well-cared-for roof can completely change your home's look and curb appeal. Modern technology affords us a plethora of style and color options; we can virtually customize a roof to complement certain aspects of our home such as trim, surrounding landscaping, etc. Tiled roofs have an additional warmth and charm that other roofs simply cannot measure up to. Choose tile for your next roof replacement for attractive features that really play up your home's curb appeal.

  2. Climate Resistance–Extreme weather calls for extremely durable roofing. Tile roofs are specifically designed to withstand heavy rain, driving winds, and extreme temperatures that would make lesser roofs buckle under the pressure. Their stability in all kinds of weather conditions makes them the perfect all-season option for weather-resistant beauty and functionality.

  3. Environmentally Safe–Putting a new roof on your home calls for consideration of environmental factors such as energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint. Tiles are an environmentally friendly option, as many tile manufacturers use recycled materials when crafting new designs, an act that has minimal impact while maximizing your energy savings.

  4. Long Lifespan–A tile roof can last for decades if properly maintained. The cost to install tiles may be a bit more upfront, but they pay for themselves several times over as the long lifespan reduces the overall cost of your roof. One secret to making your tile roof last longer is to replace the underlayment every thirty years or so, then reinstall the original tile to save on installment costs.

  5. Minimal Maintenance–Regular maintenance and inspection are an expected part of caring for any roof. Tile roofs generally only require significant repair and maintenance after catastrophic weather events. Beyond that, a little cleaning and inspection from time to time should get you the long-lasting durability and function that you desire from your roof.

  6. Smart Investment–As stated previously, the upfront installment price of a tile roof may be a bit more, but the initial cost is well worth it when you consider all that you stand to gain from its durability, strength, and superior function. View the installment of a tile roof as an investment rather than a liability, and you'll see savings on your energy bill and increased curb appeal and strength from its innovative design.

Len's Roofing: Making An Investment In Your Satisfaction

Florida's best roofing company is Len's Roofing, plain and simple. Our dedicated and caring professionals can strengthen, maintain, inspect and replace your roof with the expertise and quality that you've come to expect from our decades-long service record. We aim to please! If you are considering upgrading your roof with tile, call us for an inspection and estimate. We'll take your home to the next level of beauty, efficiency, and eco-friendly strength. Visit or call us at 941-896-7897 to make an appointment today.


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