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Dealing With Common Roofing Problems


As much as we may want our roof to last forever, years of wear, tear, and exposure to Mother Nature and her elements do take their toll. Being able to recognize signs that your roof has “expired” will save you both time and money when considering how to repair or replace it. 


Many homeowners fail to inspect their roofline regularly. Conducting regular inspections of your roof and home, either by yourself or with the help of a qualified roofing professional, could potentially save you time and thousands of dollars in repair and replacement. Making minor repairs will prevent you from having to replace your entire roof, and it could extend its life as well. 


Seeing telltale signs of a roofing problem in and around your home is something that will need your prompt attention. If you are noticing moisture inside your home, your roofing issue has likely been developing for some time. Repairs will need to be quickly made to avoid both damages to the interior of your home and possible total roof replacement. Look for these issues, and take action immediately:


  • Water damage on the ceiling and walls. By the time you see water damage in the interior of your home, an external leak is in its advanced stages. The location of water damage inside is not necessarily where the damage is located outside; you’ll need to call in Len’s Roofing to determine where the leak is coming from and take steps to repair, replace, and patch up the leak so water stops filtering in. 

  • Granules in your downspout. A “healthy” roof does not generate run-off. A roof that is wearing out or damaged, however, will produce residue and granules; these will end up in your gutters and downspout. Excessive granule run-off is a sign that your shingles are deteriorating--this must be taken care of promptly in order to avoid additional damage to your roof and your home. If you are not experienced with shingle and roof replacement, call in Len’s Roofing to assess your issue.

  • Missing shingles. Dark patches on your roof are a sign that shingles are missing or compromised. It’s just a matter of time before outside elements gain entrance to the interior of your home, causing additional damage and potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. If you see that shingles are missing or in need of repair, take care of the problem immediately.

  • Separating flashings. A flashing is a seal around a chimney, vent, or other protrusion from your roof. Flashings prevent moisture from getting in around these openings and provide protection for that part of your roof. Flashings can be rubber or metal and making sure that they are tight against shingles and venting is essential for your home’s protection. Flashings will need to be repaired or replaced to prevent moisture from leaking in and causing damage to shingles, insulation, and the interior of your home.

  • Clogged gutters. When a gutter is clogged with debris, both water and waste will back up onto your roof, causing moisture to pool in low lying areas. If water sits there long enough, it will cause damage to your shingles; keep gutters clean and free from debris by establishing a regular maintenance schedule and keep excess moisture off your roof that could cause additional damage.


Len’s Roofing: Professionals For All of Your Roofing Needs

The professionals at Len’s Roofing have years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers that attest to their quality work and excellent craftsmanship. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors ensure that, no matter how large or small the job, any roofing repair and replacement needs will be met. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit to set up an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals.


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