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How Hot Is Too Hot? Signs Of Sun Damage On Your Roof

Sun on water

Believe it or not, your roof is designed to take a beating. It has the critical job of protecting you, your home, and your belongings from Mother Nature’s onslaught. Wind, rain, storm damage, and the beating rays of the sun all have the potential to do damage to your roof. Knowing what kind of damage to look for will be a key element in extending your roof’s lifespan and getting the most protection possible.

Sun’s effect on your roof

Day in, day out, your roof is subjected to harsh light and heat from the sun. In our warmer climate, these effects are even more pronounced as your roof diligently works to protect you from harmful heat and UV rays. We tend to think of damage to our roofs as being sudden and violent, but the sun’s effect on a roof is steady and significant. You may not realize how much wear and tear have occurred until other telltale signs and issues necessitate repair. Staying on top of maintenance and repairing as needed will extend the life of your roof, making it more effective at protecting your home and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Signs of sun damage

Wondering what signs to look for as you survey your roof for sun damage? First off, employ the services of a trained roofing professional, like Len’s Roofing, to safely and effectively assess your roof and make recommendations for fortification and repair. The findings of a professional roofer will help you decide how to best protect your investment:

  1. Discolored patches--If you notice that patches of your roof are considerably lighter or more worn than others, you have sustained sun damage. Excessive UV exposure and heat can bleach a roof, weakening its structure.

  2. Evidence of shingle debris--If you have an asphalt roof, you may see evidence of shingle granules around the perimeter of your home. As a shingle roof is exposed to the sun, it can dry out, causing shingles to disintegrate. Other roof materials can chip and crack; loosened flashings, nails, and other debris may find their way to the ground. If you see evidence of any type of roof debris around your home, consider calling Len’s Roofing for a professional assessment of its condition.

  3. Curling--The sun’s relentless rays cause a roof’s material to weaken; you’ll see evidence of curling as shingles and panels adjust to heating and cooling patterns around your home. Curling is not only unsightly, it can leave pockets of your roof prone to the development of cracks and leaks, which may compromise the interior of your home.

  4. Cracking and splitting--Excessive heat and fluctuations in temperature cause roof materials to expand and contract. While a certain measure of expansion and contraction is expected, it’s difficult to predict when a breaking point will occur. Regularly inspect your roof for signs of splitting and cracking and make minor repairs as necessary to avoid more significant repair costs.

  5. Signs of interior water damage--If you see water damage inside your home, this is an indication that disrepair outside has gotten out of hand. You’ve likely sustained some sort of damage that has allowed water and other debris to seep into interior layers of your roof, causing damage to the interior of your home. It is not too late to salvage both interior and exterior layers to your home, but action must be taken to prevent the need for more significant repairs.

Do I need a new roof?

If problems associated with sun damage make themselves known, it’s time for some early intervention. Deal with minor repairs and issues as they come up, and if you see larger portions of your roof with significant damage, bring in the professionals to assess your roof to see if other protective measures can be implemented. Len’s Roofing’s committed professionals are dedicated to quality work, customer satisfaction, and the use of innovative materials to ensure that your roofing work is done correctly. With over twenty-five years of stellar service, we cover all aspects of roof care, maintenance, and installation. Regardless of your current need, we have what it takes to address it. Contact us now to find out how we can help fortify your roof and improve the beauty and value of your home. Visit or call us at 941-896-7897 for a complimentary roof evaluation.


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