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How To Know When To Hire A Roof Contractor

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Damage to your home and roof can occur for many reasons, and it usually seems to come at a time when you are trying to save money. Knowing when to attempt repairs yourself and when to call in a professional is the key to saving additional money and preventing additional damage to your roof or injury to yourself.

First thing’s first: Are you a contractor?

Few of us are contractors, so work that is considered too risky to be done, or that which is outside of our level of expertise should be handled by a professional. Roof repair and installation is tricky business, and it needs to be done with care to avoid costly mistakes that could ruin both the interior and the exterior of your home. Take inventory of what you know and admit those things you don’t--this will be the key to repairing any damage to your home and your roof in a way that preserves your home’s structural integrity.

Your roof is a significant part of your home---it protects you and your belongings from the elements, it provides warmth and cool temperatures as the seasons develop, and it protects the structure of your entire home from Mother Nature’s onslaught at times. It needs to be maintained and repaired in such a way that your entire home is protected; as such, repairs on your roof should not be taken lightly.

Know your skills…...and know when you need help

You will not be able to successfully repair your roof if you don’t have the necessary time, tools, and skills to do so. There are a host of DIY resources and videos that you could watch for additional knowledge and information but getting up on your roof and actually performing these actions is another skill set altogether. If a repair seems as if it’s beyond your comfort or skill level, it’s best to call in a roofing professional to assess and repair your roof. A problem may seem simple or easy to fix, but it is often a symptom of a much bigger underlying issue that will not be possible to fix on your own. Being honest about your knowledge and your skill level will potentially save you a lot of time and hundreds of dollars.

Safety comes first

If there is a chance that you could be injured, or you could do additional damage to your home as a result of trying a repair on your own, it’s best to call in a professional. Ask yourself, “what will happen if I mess this up? What could happen to me, my property, and my loved ones?” If the answer to any or all of those questions ends with additional stress and drama, it’s best to call someone for an assessment and repair of your roof.

Look for signs of major damage

Storm damage is not a small issue; high winds, excessive hail, and lightning can all wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and other structures of your home. Examine your home for missing siding, missing shingles, and damage to other exterior parts of your home; call a contractor for a professional assessment of your property as well as suggestions for repair and replacement to once again make your home a safe place to live.

Getting up on your roof, or staying safely on the ground?

If your roof has a severe slope, it is not advisable to climb up for some self-inspection. Your safety must absolutely come first, so if you are not comfortable getting up and looking for compromised and damaged areas, by all means, call in someone who is trained to handle this type of work. Licensed Roofing Contractors have knowledge, expertise, and training for handling all types of roof inspection, and they may even have specialized equipment for keeping themselves safe while performing this difficult work. It is well worth the nominal fee of hiring someone to handle this type of inspection and repair rather than to risk your own life and well-being trying to do it on your own. Stay safe, hire a professional, and remain safely on the ground.

Is it time for some repair or replacement? Give us a call!

Len’s Roofing is a company that is committed to customer safety and satisfaction. Our trained professionals can diagnose, repair, and replace all types of roofs, completing your job to your highest standards and providing you with excellent customer care and service from start to finish. If you suspect that you have an issue with your roof, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals at Len’s Roofing while you stay safely on the ground. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit us at so that we can help you determine which type of roof is best for you.


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