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It's Hurricane Season: What Do I Need To Do To Protect My Roof?


With turbulent weather surrounding us these days, it seems that a little preparation is in order for hurricane season. Several current and developing storms threaten our homes' safety and security, and we need to do everything possible to protect your most valuable asset--your roof.

What does your roof do for your home?

Your roof serves several functions for you and your loved ones. This essential part of your home's structure:

  • Provides shelter for you and your family

  • Protects your home from the elements

  • Protects your possessions from the elements as well

  • Adds value to your home and property

Ensuring your home and roof can withstand the onslaught of hurricanes and other violent storms will be an essential piece of protecting your property, to the extent possible. As you prepare for these upcoming events, take the following preparation tips to ensure your safety and security:

  1. Check out your attic. Few homeowners give thought to their attic as an integral part of the roof structure. Prior to hurricane season, you'll need to take a walk-through inspection of this area to look for compromised areas that could contribute to leaks, wind damage, and improper ventilation. Also, check for signs of prior damage such as water stains, mold, mildew, and warped wood, taking care to correct these deficiencies prior to the onset of a severe storm. Fortifying your attic beforehand will reduce additional damage and the need for repair after a storm event.

  2. Clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters can contribute to roof damage as well. Your roof system experiences backup due to heavy rains, and water can pool on your roof areas that lead to shingle damage and leaking. Clear out all dirt, mud, sticks, and leaves from your gutters so water can freely flow away from your home.

  3. Inspect your roof for loose tiles and shingles. Upon inspection, if you see loose tiles or shingles on any part of your roof, they need to be secured or replaced before a storm. These loose tiles and shingles could potentially get ripped off during the course of heavy wind and rain, leaving your home and the contents of your home vulnerable to water and wind damage. Secure all compromised areas with proper roofing equipment to keep your home secured.

  4. Clean up your yard. That lawn furniture sitting on your patio can quickly become a liability if it is not securely fastened down or stored away to prevent it from becoming airborne. Items like these, and others such as children's toys, bikes, tools, and even lawn ornaments, could damage your roof if winds become strong enough to toss them about. Lock everything down that you can, or place into storage to prevent harm to people and damage to your property.

  5. Trim up trees. Take care to inspect your trees and remove any dead or diseased branches and limbs that could quickly become a liability to your home and to the surrounding area. Above your roofline, trees could drop this debris directly on your roof, doing damage to it.

  6. Consider installing hurricane straps. Hurricane straps and gable ends can be installed on your roof to strengthen and secure it. They might be a bit of an upfront cost, but most insurance companies provide homeowners with discounts on premiums for having them installed. Check with your homeowner's insurance company to see what is available to you.

Need some help with inspection and repair? Contact us!

Len's roofing is a team of committed professionals who excel in roof repair, replacement, and installation. We care about your home and property condition, and we want to protect you against the onslaught of Mother Nature, no matter what season it may be. Quality materials, professional installation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction make us one of the business's best contracting companies. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit us at for a free assessment and some information on how we can

fortify your roof this season for your peace of mind.


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