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New Trends In Roofing Technology For 2021

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The new year is now upon us, and with it, new resolutions that we make---and at least intend to keep--in the new year. One thing that all homeowners could commit to doing more efficiently in the new year is inspecting and maintaining their roofs to prevent structural damage to their homes.

2020 might have left us with more time on our hands, time that we've had to deal with household maintenance and repairs as needed. As we approach 2021, there have been some remarkable advancements in roofing repair and replacement that you should be made aware of to make upcoming repair or replacement more efficient and affordable. Read on to see what's hot for 2021, and why you should begin prioritizing roof maintenance and repair today:

Virtual presentation

Want a new and beautiful look for your home, but you're not quite sure that you want to commit because you are unsure of what it will look like? With the application of virtual presentation technology, looking at your new roof atop an image of your house will give you the big picture, allowing you to see if your choice is the perfect one for your home. Virtual presentation technology enables you to see snapshots of several different roof types and colors, helping you to make a decision that you'll be comfortable with long term.

Downloadable apps

The advent of an app for nearly everything these days makes it very easy to connect with your roofing company and communicate via messages. Scheduling work, receiving work, and even deciding on materials are all at your fingertips; all you need to do is download on your favorite tablet or phone, and away you go.

The use of drones

While not all roofing companies are yet on board with using drone technology, it is quickly taking center stage when it comes to taking aerial shots, gathering data for measuring and application, and helping to troubleshoot potential complications prior to starting work. The use of drone technology can also ensure that clients and roofing professionals alike are kept safe, helping to reduce the risk of injuries and falls that may occur atop your home.

New roof material technologies

Roofing materials companies and construction companies alike have been researching ways to improve both material and installation practices, in order that we may bring these cost-effective savings to you, the homeowner. Some of the more innovative materials and installation practices include:

  1. Cool roofs--A cool roof helps keep temperatures cool and manageable in hotter climates. They are comprised of materials that both absorb and reflect the sun's hot rays; made from lighter colors than traditional roof materials; they are designed to offset electromagnetic energy emitted from a roofline that is absorbing and reflecting too much heat. This green action helps to save the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

  2. Green roofs--A green roof includes layers of vegetation and waterproof elements that keep the structure's integrity strong and durable. Green roofs also do their part to absorb excess rainwater, keep your home clean and cool, and they last longer than traditional roof structures, provided that they are properly maintained.

  3. Solar roofs--Solar roofing is not only attractive and durable, but it provides its own source of energy from which to draw. Solar roofs provide considerable energy savings to the homeowner and do their part to reduce a home's carbon footprint. Many companies are now embracing and promoting the idea of solar roofing to reduce an energy deficit and provide cleaner, greener energy for all.

  4. Metal roofs--Metal roofs, once thought of as only suitable for sheds, barns, and other commercial properties, are now making their way onto the residential roofing scene. An array of styles, colors, and designs contribute to a customizable look that is very durable and cost-efficient. Layers of insulation used in combination with metal roofing can make a very energy-efficient setup that will last for decades with proper care.

What will you choose in 2021?

Len's Roofing specializes in customer care and customer satisfaction; we approach your roofing project as if it were our own. Using the latest technologies, a passion for quality work, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and stellar service, we will provide you everything you need to improve your home. From the smallest repair to the most extensive replacement project you could imagine, we have what it takes to get the job done. What will you choose for your next quality roofing project? Give us a call at 941-896-7897, and we'll help you get there or visit for more information and to schedule an appointment.


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