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Prepping Your Home For Roof Replacement


If you own a home, the thought of needing to have your roof replaced could cause a bit of anxiety. Costly repairs, uncooperative contractors, and little knowledge of how to get started are just a few of the issues cited when homeowners are asked about this type of work.

If you know that repair and eventual replacement of your roof are just around the corner, there are a few easy steps that you can take to prepare you, your family, and your home for the work to be done. Procure a trusted contractor, check the items on this list, and get ready to behold your brand-new roof:

Step #1--Prepare kids and pets.

Kids and pets are curious creatures; they’ll likely want to be in on a bit of the action, as they view all the extra activity around your home as exciting and fun. It can also be dangerous for them, though; talk with your kids and let them know that certain areas of your yard and home will be off-limits for a while. Keep pets away from indoor and outdoor activity until work has ceased for the day. Be mindful of any yard debris that may be lingering after a day’s work, and steer clear until you’ve been given the all-clear. Preparing your loved ones beforehand will allow them to understand what is happening and how it could impact them.

Step #2--Move all vehicles.

Soccer Mama, you’ll have to walk a few extra steps to get the kids to practice; your contractor will need your prime-time parking space so he can have access to tools and materials throughout the day. You’ll also want to move your vehicle out of the construction zone to ensure that no flying debris will damage the finish or tires. Plan ahead, and have the driveway cleared each morning before your crew arrives.

Step #3--Take down wall decorations.

All that hammering, nailing, and extra vibration are bound to make things in your house---and on your walls--move. Evaluate your wall hangings and knick-knacks to determine if they are in a safe place; move them if needed and put them back in place when the job is finished.

Step #4--Cover any attic belongings.

During roof replacement, numerous contractors and workers will be up on your roof. All of this extra activity and foot traffic is likely to shake down a bit of dust and debris into your attic. Cover belongings with a tarp or an old sheet to prevent excess mess.

Step #5--Move grills and outdoor furniture.

To avoid damage from falling debris, you’ll want to move your grill and outdoor furniture to a shed or garage. Cover any secured furniture with tarps or drop cloths to keep out flying dirt, shingles, and nails.

Step #6--Prune trees and cut grass before construction starts.

You’ll want to give your lawn a once-over before construction begins; eliminating dead branches, excess foliage, and long grass will make it easier for your crew to clean up each day.

Step #7--Identify accessible power outlets.

Your construction team may need access to outdoor and indoor outlets; have these areas identified and cleared, and make sure your crew knows where to find them to power up their high-efficiency tools.

Step #8--Remove antennas and satellite dishes.

Taking down all of those extras before work starts will help your crew perform their work more efficiently. If you don’t feel comfortable removing these items yourself, ask your contractor if he can do that beforehand; it will benefit both of you.

Step #9--Talk to your neighbors.

Taking the courteous step to let your neighbors know that work will be performed is a classy move. While not everyone will be happy with your decision to beautify your property, letting them know that they will experience minor inconveniences is better than angry knocks on your door after work has begun.

Step #10--Be aware of your surroundings.

There is likely to be more debris and clutter around your yard and your home than ever before. If you do head out, be aware of activity going on around you, and take measures to keep you and loved ones safe. If you can manage to stay safely tucked in your home during construction, find an efficient way to communicate with your project lead so you can stay informed of any changes/daily operations.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Len’s Roofing has over 25 years of experience creating beautiful roofs for satisfied customers. Whether you are looking at minor repair or complete and total replacement, we have the knowledge, tools, skills, and expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today for your free assessment; visit for more information or call us at 941-896-7897.


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