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Telltale Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking

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We’ve all been there……inspecting our homes after a bad storm, and we see signs that Mother Nature has not been so kind and forgiving to our valued homes. Hundreds of thousands of service calls are placed each year due to significant roof damage that causes leaking inside the home, and many of these issues are not covered by insurance unless you’ve followed the proper protocol for service and maintenance.

An ounce of prevention

Your roof is one of the most important and critical aspects of your home; it provides shelter, protects you from harsh elements, and can help regulate heat and cooling costs for your home. If you haven't followed a regular maintenance and repair schedule for your roof, you may be at risk for significant internal and external damage that could be quite costly. How will you be able to tell that your roof is leaking, perhaps before it’s too late? Read on to see the signs that point to leaks, and what to do in the event of water damage.

Telltale signs your roof is leaking

There are many small indicators that you can notice before significant issues surface. Look for telltale signs that you may have trouble brewing:

  1. Missing or damaged portions of your roof are a clear indicator that moisture will soon be entering your home. Inspect your roof at least once annually, and more frequently if you endure a particularly harsh storm season. Watch for pooling water, missing or damaged shingles, and torn flashings. If you see any areas of concern, call in a roofing professional to assess and repair minor issues before they make their way indoors.

  2. Corroded or damaged flashings can be another area of concern on your roof. If you notice corrosion issues, chipping, or cracking, repair or replace these flashing promptly to avoid moisture buildup around the area that can break down your roof’s structure. Flashing is placed as a protective cover over an area of your roof that requires additional protection, such as a seam, a vent pipe, or around a chimney.

  3. Inconsistencies on your ceiling such as bubbles, discoloration, or cracking will tell you that water has made its way inside and is now affecting your home’s interior. The first thing you must do in this situation is to identify the source of the leak, then repair it externally to prevent more water from entering your home. After you are confident that the external issue has been addressed, take steps to repair internal damage, paying particular attention to the presence of mold and mildew that may appear.

  4. Discoloration of walls can also be present with water damage. Peeling, cracking, and decomposition of drywall can occur if you haven’t properly maintained your roof’s exterior. Again, take steps to correct the external damage to your roof, then work to repair wall and ceiling damage that may be compromising your home’s interior.

  5. The presence of mold is a clear indicator that you have a leak somewhere in your roof structure. When left untreated, mold can cause health complications such as sore throat, coughing, congestion, and allergic reactions that can be potentially life-threatening. If you find mold or mildew growth in your home, have a mold inspection performed, then have it professionally removed and cleaned as you plan to address the external leak. You’ll be able to safeguard your health and that of your families with prompt attention and clean-up.

  6. Signs in your attic will point to issues with your roof as well. The presence of water stains, discoloration, mold, and a musty odor point to issues that could compromise your home’s interior if you don’t take steps to repair your roof.

Len’s Roofing: Helping You Protect Your Home

Len’s Roofing is a trusted, professional roofing company that has been happily serving its customers for decades. A reputation for quality service, superior craftsmanship, and a dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that your roofing concerns will be addressed. If you suspect that you have a leak somewhere in your roof, there’s no time like the present to take care of it. Visit for more information or call us at 941-896-7897 to make an appointment.


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