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Time For Summer Cleaning? Don't Forget Your Roof!

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The dreary days of winter are soon behind us, and with summer in full force, many of us turn to summer cleaning to usher in a new season and healthier living in our homes. Scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, and shampooing carpets are just a few of the things on our “to-do” lists as we anticipate cleaner homes and a new lease on an organized life.

Don’t forget your roof!

Rest assured, spring cleaning for your roof looks very different from the type of spring cleaning that you do around your home. Your roof is one of the most important and essential aspects of your home, and it deserves a little care and attention to ensure that it keeps providing the kind of protection you need for your home. Don’t leave your roof out this spring; schedule some time to prioritize its care, and you’ll yield benefits that last far longer than the fleeting seasons. Take these steps to spring clean and protect your roof:

  • Clean off debris. Cleaning off debris is the single most effective thing you can do to ensure that your roof continues to protect your home as it should. Such a simple step in cleaning your roof should not be ignored; use proper tools such as brooms, roof rakes, and other tools designed for cleaning efficiency with minimal risk to your roof. If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with angles at top height or on the ground, schedule a professional roof cleaning to ensure that this is done correctly.

  • Check for damage. Stormy weather, hot sun, and high winds can really wreak havoc on your roof, no matter what material it is composed of. The longer your roof has been on your home, the more likely you will encounter areas of weakness and damage that can compromise its function. Cracked flashings, missing downspouts, and missing tiles or shingles can all lead to interior structural damage if they are not found and promptly dealt with. Small repairs may be necessary to restore your roof to its former strength and function; call in a roofing contractor to assess damage and give you valuable advice on the best course of action for repair or replacement.

  • Check ventilation. Ventilation is an often-overlooked aspect of your roof, but it is necessary to assess your attic and roof for proper ventilation to ensure correct function. Poor ventilation leads to moisture buildup, high heat, and damage to both exterior and interior structures. Take the time to check your attic for signs of moisture, leakage, and water damage that may indicate poor ventilation, and take steps to correct it to avoid costly repairs and negative impacts on your health.

  • Assess the surrounding area for items of concern. When walking your property, make note of any roofing materials that you notice scattered about your property, such as shingles, tiles, and nails. These are indicators that your roof is damaged. Also, assess the health of trees on your property, including those limbs and branches that may come in contact with your roof. Consider trimming these troublesome branches to avoid storm damage in the future, and take steps to continually monitor your property for roofing items that may be out of place.

Hire A Professional To Get The Job Done Right!

Maybe you don’t have time to attend to roof cleaning this spring, or perhaps it’s just too hard to get up there yourself. Regardless of your issues, we’re here to help. Len’s Roofing specializes in all types of roofing jobs, from seasonal cleaning and inspection to total repair and replacement. We know how important your roof function is to the value of your home, and we will help you with all aspects of roof care to ensure its strength and longevity. Don’t delay that spring checkup; contact us today to schedule a visit from our top-notch professional. Visit for more information or call us at 941-896-7897 to make an appointment.


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