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Unique Needs Of Hot Climate Roofs


Living in beautiful, sunny Florida does come with its perks. Blue skies, pristine beaches, and sparkling sunshine adorn each day; whether you spend it outdoors or indoors, this state's natural beauty is second to none.

The drawback to warm weather all year long

With all the warm weather and sunshine flowing freely, it's hard to imagine that there are any drawbacks to Florida weather conditions. One thing that takes a beating in the hot Florida sunshine is your home and roof. Temperatures can heat up in the summertime, which takes its toll on your structure in the form of excessive UV exposure, torrential rains, high heat, and oppressive humidity.

While these issues shouldn't deter you from living in the Sunshine state, you should be aware of your roof's potential problems and needs and how to combat Florida climate challenges to maintain and preserve your property for years to come. Let's look at how you can protect your roof, no matter what climate conditions you experience.

Challenges of Florida Rooflines

Florida weather conditions can take a considerable toll on your roof; you may have to take precautions to preserve and protect your roofline as you experience these unique weather events:

  1. Hail damage–While hail doesn't occur daily, hailstorms are common in Florida. As this hail pummels your roofline, it can do significant damage to asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and flashings that seal openings in your roof. These free-falling chunks of ice can sometimes reach sizes comparable to a baseball. If you experience hailstorms, get a trained roofing professional up on your roof as soon as possible to assess the damage and make recommendations for repair or replacement.

  2. Wind damage–Certain parts of Florida are subject to hurricane activity. Strong winds and flying debris can easily dislodge shakes, tiles, and shingles, leaving openings in your roof that lead to leaks and, ultimately, water damage. If you have experienced recent storm activity, it's an excellent idea to have your roof inspected to check for recent damage.

  3. Extreme heat and high humidity–While an asphalt shingle has an average lifespan of twenty years, excess heat and humidity in Florida can cut this lifespan in half. Constant exposure to high temperatures and UV radiation will cause shingles to dry out and crack, leaving you at risk for additional damage.

What to do?

You can begin to take some simple yet effective steps to reduce the Florida climate's long-term effect on your roof. Take these precautions to preserve and protect your roof, home, and property value.

Keep your roof free from debris. High humidity levels and beating sun can cause roof debris to quickly break down, weakening material underneath it. Commit to a regular cleaning schedule of your roof to ensure it remains free from potentially damaging materials.

Consider an algae resistant coating to protect your roof. Many Floridians choose algae resistant shingles because it provides reliable, long-term protection from algae formation and helps a roof maintain its true luster. We suggest a combination of attic insulation, proper roof ventilation, and light color shingles. This will keep your roof cooler, and temperatures inside your home are well regulated despite the hot weather outside.

Make minor repairs regularly. Loose tiles and shingles are no joke in Florida weather; they can quickly rip off and expose your home to even more damage. Maintain a regular inspection schedule of your roof, and attend to minor repairs to avoid more costly repairs and possible replacement due to negligence.

Check for water damage in and outside your home. A properly insulated home and a strong roofline are the best defenses against water damage. Assess your roof and attic periodically after heavy rains to determine if there are leaks and deficiencies in your roofline. Have these repaired by a qualified contractor who will do your job correctly.

Len's Roofing: Your Trusted Florida Roofing Professional

Len's Roofing is Florida's premier roofing company, serving satisfied customers across the Sunshine state for almost three decades. Handling everything from preparation and cleanup to repair, installation and replacement, we take the guesswork out of caring for your roof. Let us help you preserve and protect your most valuable asset–your home. Contact us today for a maintenance inspection, and get started on a proactive approach to roof care. Visit or call us at 941-896-7897 to make an appointment.


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