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Ways That A Good Roof Can Save You Money

Piggy Bank

A sturdy, reliable roof is an investment in your home. It provides much-needed protection from the elements, aids in heating and cooling efficiency, and provides shelter for you and your loved ones.


Did you know that the repair or installation of a new roof to improve its function can actually save you money? You may think that the upfront cost of repair or replacement is not something that will be worth the investment, but in the long run, a good, solid roof will save you valuable time and money. In addition to improving the look and value of your home, here is how your roof repair and replacement cost can be justified:


A roof can reduce damage from moisture

Regardless of the season, water damage can be destructive to your roof and to the interior of your home. Ice, snow, rain, sleet, and pooling water all gang up on your shingles and underlayment, causing mold and mildew development and leaking into your home's interior. A well-sealed roof will prevent moisture and water damage, both on your roof as well as the interior of your home. Water damage is very costly and time-consuming to repair; taking steps to fortify your roof and prevent leakage is going to save both time and money that you can invest in other aspects of home maintenance.


A roof can protect you from the elements

Regardless of where you live, there are bound to be unsavory weather experiences that come through your area. Hurricanes and high winds can rip a weakened roof right off your home, leaving you exposed to torrential rain and falling debris. Having a solid roof on your home will protect you, your loved ones, and even your valuables from storm damage and Mother Nature's onslaught.


A roof can improve the value of your home

Having an attractive roof on your home is its crowning glory; installing quality materials that have a lasting warranty can be an attractive feature for potential buyers. Whether you choose to stay and enjoy it yourself or are looking to find top dollar for your sale, having an aesthetically pleasing, durable roof on your home is a great selling point.


A roof can keep pests at bay

Where there is a will, there is a way---many homes are overrun with unwelcome pests during spring and fall seasons when pests and other creatures seem to thrive. A tightly sealed roof will help keep insects, bees, wasps, squirrels, mice, and other animals from entering your home and taking up residence. Pest control is an added expense for a homeowner; the more tightly sealed up your home is, the less likely you will have to spend valuable time and money cleaning out your residence.


A roof can reduce heating and cooling costs

Having an energy-efficient roof installed and repaired can dramatically impact your heating and cooling costs. Airtight design and smart, eco-friendly materials help to reflect summer heat and the sun's rays while being able to absorb and conduct heat from the sun during winter months. You'll see the difference in your energy bill pretty quickly after making the investment to install a quality, energy-efficient roof.


Would you like to save both time AND money? Consider us!

Len's Roofing is a team of committed professionals who care about you, the customer. From start to finish, we make sure that your roofing project is done right. With over twenty-five years of service to southern Florida residents and beyond, we will work with you to find solutions that save you money and protect your most valuable asset----your home. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit us at to set-up a consultation with our roofing experts and see how we can improve your home's value by repairing or replacing your roof.



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