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What To Look For After A Storm


With the recent outbreaks of devastating storms and the destruction they leave in their wake, homeowners are left with questions about the integrity of their homes and their roofs in particular. Dealing with the aftermath of any storm can be incredibly stressful---from filing insurance claims, looking for lost items, and assessing your home for damages, it can take quite a toll on your emotions.

After a storm, you must inspect your roof for possible damage that needs repairs. While you might not be a roofing expert, you must know the proper steps to take so that you do not incur additional damage to your roof, your home, and your belongings. Take these steps to protect and preserve your most valuable asset--your home:

Types of storm damage

  1. Hail damage is one of the most frequently reported types of damage you could experience, and it is the easiest to spot. Look for indentations on shingles and the siding of your house. Shingles may also lose granules; look for telltale signs of granules washing through your gutters. Hail can cause shingles to weaken; they may lose some of their protective features if anything larger than pea size ice hits your roof.

  2. Wind damage is the most common type of damage that homeowners experience after a storm. In some cases, this damage is caused by objects such as large tree branches or other debris that strike your home and roof. Look along the edges of your roofline and see if shingles have become loose and note if there are any missing. Missing or loose shingles could leave you open for additional damage sustained by water and debris.

  3. Water damage can be severe in cases of hurricanes or tropical storms; things like leaks and compromised rooflines are visible inside your home. Look for water stains or wet spots on your ceilings, note areas where shingles, roofline, and gutters are compromised, and have a professional roofing expert assess your damages and determine what repairs need to be made to repair and protect your home.

What we look for...and at

When you call Len’s Roofing for an inspection we look at these parts of your roof and your home to determine the extent of damages and what needs to be repaired:

  • We look at your chimney--is the flashing intact? Are there bricks that have come loose or are missing? Cracked joints are an invitation for water and other debris to enter your home via the chimney. We make sure that everything looks secure in this area of your roof before moving on with your inspection.

  • We examine the gutters---they will tell you a lot about what is happening with your roof. Sagging gutters, downspouts that are filled with debris, and missing pieces indicate that damage has been done. Check areas of your roofline where the gutter has come down to assess the structural strength and integrity of the area.

  • We check the attic--moisture and water in the attic are sure signs that the roof has been compromised. You are likely to incur more water damage if not properly addressed. It is best to inspect this area of your home at the brightest time of day, when you are likely to see cracks or beams of light coming in through areas where roofing has been damaged.

  • We Look for shingles and nails on your lawn. We collect these materials as best we can. We look to fortify your roof so that we can assess the extent of the damage that has occurred.

  • We don’t assume that you are in the clear. Just because you don’t see any visible damage does not mean that your roof is in its normally strong, fortified state. Sometimes pools of water and other leaks can take weeks to seep in through cracks, causing damage to the interior of your home. Investing in a professional roof inspection after the storm will be the best prevention against further damage and more costly repairs.

Don’t delay; act quickly to avoid more extensive damages

Acting quickly to get a professional assessment is of utmost importance in securing the safety of your home once more. Shorted wires, holes in roofing, and other issues can cause a huge upswing in your utility bills and even pose a fire hazard. Len’s Roofing is a professional roofing company that can quickly assess damages and take action to correct deficiencies in your roof that compromise your home.

Need a reliable contractor? Give us a call!

At Len’s Roofing, over twenty-five years of experience in assessments, repair, and replacement make us the “go-to” roofing experts. With a driving passion for customer service and satisfaction and a commitment to using quality materials that consistently stand the test of time, we will take much of the stress out of storm clean-up for you and your family. If you want the wonderful peace of mind that goes with a durable roof and a comfortable home, contact us today. Call our office at 941-896-7897 or visit our website for more information and to book an inspection today.


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