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What To Look For In A Roof When Buying Your Next Home


Buying a new home is an important and exciting event. You look for specific characteristics and requirements that your home must have. But, have you considered looking at your new roof to see if it will offer you vital protection from Mother Nature’s finest and most furious?

The roof is one of the most valuable and important aspects of your new home. Knowing what to look for when inspecting your new roof will save you valuable time and money. Whether your next move is weeks, months, or years away, consider this checklist when doing your home shopping:

  1. Assess the roof for signs of age. When inspecting the exterior of a home, take a good look at the roof. If you notice missing shingles, bulges, or other damage, assume that you’ll need to ask about roof repair when considering your purchase. You may want to negotiate the cost of the roof repair or replacement if you see that damage is already present. Ask about the age of the roof---when it was installed, the type of materials used, and if there have been any recent repairs on it. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide what to ask current owners for when negotiating a fair asking price.

  2. Look for adequate ventilation. Even if the roof on a home is still considered new, you are in for some serious future complications if you cannot detect a suitable ventilation system. Proper ventilation that allows air and sunlight to dry your roof will ensure that pools of moisture won’t make their way inside to cause additional damage to your home and belongings. A roof should have several different points where ventilation can occur, and there should be no visible evidence of pooling moisture anywhere on the surface of the roof.

  3. Look for water ponding on the roof. A roof’s drainage system includes valleys, gutters and downspouts. Don’t attempt to get up on the roof and inspect these items yourself. It’s best to let the experts at Len’s Roofing handle this type of inspection for you. Be on the lookout for evidence of clogging, debris, or moisture backups and asphalt granules, as this is a sign that shingles are starting to wear out. If you see signs of damage, consider calling Len’s Roofing for a more thorough inspection before purchasing that home.

  4. Look for gaps on the roof and leaks inside. Cracked, missing shingles or tiles and water damage inside the home are indicators that next level damage has taken place. If the damaged area is large enough, building codes may require you to replace the entire roof. Don’t take this new property on without talking to a Len’s Roofing to see what the cost of a roof replacement will be and negotiate with the seller to see what can be done about repairing or replacing the roof before you take possession of the property.

  5. Look for evidence of mold. Mold is a fungus that can quickly overtake your entire home. Some colors are easily visible to the naked eye, while others lie undetected until the problem becomes severe. A roof leak can quickly bring moisture inside that causes mold to grow on sheetrock, in walls, and even on top of painted finishes. In extreme cases, excess mold growth on the exterior and interior of your home can cause adverse health consequences; finding mold is a sure sign that the roof needs inspected. Have this addressed immediately before moving in.

Want a professional assessment of your new home? Call us today!

The team at Len’s Roofing are qualified and are the ultimate in professionalism, knowledge, and roofing expertise. With over twenty five years of assessment, repair, and installation services, we are committed to helping you preserve and protect your most valuable asset--your home. Have a question about your new roof? Considering a future purchase? Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit for more peace of mind and a beautiful, strong roof…


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