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  • Writer's pictureApril Dacas, VP

Why Are Roofing Inspections So Important?


At first glance, you might not see the potential needs of your roof and the implications that weakened roof structures can have on your home. Regular roof repair and replacement can potentially cost you thousands of dollars, and while these costs cannot be avoided as a homeowner, they can be minimized and even prevented with regular roof inspections.

Why roof inspections?

Regular roof inspection and maintenance will not only allow you to uncover common roofing issues, but you may also be able to minimize repair and replacement costs by extending the life of your roof. Common roofing problems that impact its function include:

  • Missing shingles

  • Leaks or cracks in your roof

  • Plant and moss growth

  • Missing granules

  • Sagging rooflines

  • Curling or buckling

Roof inspections must be performed at least once annually, and more often if you live in an area prone to excessive storm activity, high winds, hail, and driving rain. A ground-level once-over is simply not enough to ensure that your roof is in optimal condition. Here are some reasons to consider putting an inspection on your calendar regularly:

  1. Security–Roof hatches, skylights, and even chimneys can be easy access points for people wishing to enter your home. Visual inspections of such roof elements can be noted as potential danger zones, helping to reduce your risk of becoming the unfortunate victim of a burglary or act of vandalism.

  2. Improving structural upgrades–Easy, safe access to a roof can help facilitate efficient inspections and work needed on a rooftop. When a roof is past its prime, continuing to hope that it will hold becomes a safety concern. Listen to your roofing contractor with regard to life expectancy and durability of your roof, and make changes needed to keep your home up to code.

  3. Drainage–Standing water is one of the most destructive elements present on a roofline. Pooling water causes materials to break down and degrade, causing leaks, cracks, and other areas of deficiency that can cause water damage inside your home. Ensuring that your roof drains properly will be essential to keeping it optimized and performing well for you.

  4. Debris–Excess debris, moisture, and water can lead to the formation of organic growth such as mildew and mold on your roof. Holes in your roofline are quickly filled with pests, nests, and other critters that may cause additional damage. Regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of your roof will prevent any of this organic buildup from wreaking havoc on elements such as shingles, tiles, and flashings.

  5. Cleaning–Regular cleaning of your roof can prevent so many issues. Regular washing and sweeping can yield significant benefits, as clean roofs are less likely to incur damage when a storm hits.

  6. Warranty–Keeping a warranty active starts with regular inspection and maintenance. No roof is designed and constructed to last forever, and a warranty can offer you additional protection against repair and replacement if you keep up with minor maintenance issues as outlined in your warranty. To prevent unnecessary repair costs, perform regular maintenance inspections that protect your warranty coverage.

  7. Aging—All rooflines are subject to weathering, wear, and tear. Over time, even the strongest roof will succumb to its age and have to be repaired or replaced. Stay on top of your roof situation by scheduling regular inspections and formulating a plan for long-term care and replacement that you can budget for.

Len’s Roofing: Providing Long-Term Care And Solutions For Your Roof

Len’s Roofing professionals are dedicated to providing you with long-term solutions and strategies to keep your roof in tip-top shape for all seasons. Specializing in all aspects of maintenance, repair, service, and installation, we take care of all your roofing needs when you need them most. Trust your roof and your home to Len’s Roofing. Visit or call us at 941-896-7897 to make your maintenance inspection today.


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