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Why Your Roof Needs Proper Ventilation


Florida is a beautiful place to live, 365 days a year. Steamy summers, tepid spring and fall, and the occasional cool gust of winter air make this state one of the best year-round climates in the continental United States.

These moderate weather changes can significantly impact your roofline, however. One often overlooked component of your roofing system is ventilation, which helps to ensure a roof’s structural integrity and longevity.

Why Florida Roofs Need Ventilation Too

Even with little chance of ice and snow to clog up your roof, proper ventilation is needed to protect your home and property. Here are some critical reasons why you must consider upgrading your roof ventilation in the new year.

What Are Roof Vents?

Ventilation is a process where fresh, clean air is supplied to a space in your roof structure, replacing moist, stale air. Proper ventilation focuses on maintaining more consistent temperatures within your roofline, protecting and preserving all components of your roof. There are two types of vents present within your roof right now, working hard to regulate temperatures in and around your roof.

  1. Intake vents–Intake vents allow outside air to flow in and through your roof and attic. They are usually installed along the lowest eave in your roof. Intake vents should be free from obstruction by ventilation or other natural elements such as roof debris, moisture barriers, and other things that could affect the ability of this vent to circulate air.

  2. Exhaust vents–Exhaust vents are usually located along the higher points of your roofline. They work in tandem with intake vents and are responsible for letting air inside your attic and roof out, along with excess moisture that could cause damage to your roofline. Ridge, static, and turbine vents are commonly used types of exhaust vents that add to your ventilation system’s efficiency.

Why Are Roof Vents Needed?

A proper ventilation system provides many benefits when installed well. Here are just a few of the many ways that good ventilation can protect your roof.

Reduced Moisture

Florida weather is hot and excessively humid at different times of the year. This excess humidity results in a buildup of moisture in your attic, particularly if you have poor insulation. Other day-to-day activities such as showering, washing, and cooking contribute to increased moisture. The longer this moisture sits in your attic and roofline, the more risk you incur for developing mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, which can compromise your roof structure and your health.

Better Protection

Trapped moisture and heat in your attic can do significant damage to your roof’s structure over time. Plywood and roof sheathing are compromised, weakening outer structures such as shingles and flashings. The next big storm that comes along could easily rip up weakened structures and leave you with a significant roof repair bill. The installation of proper ventilation easily whisks hot air up and out of your home, allowing regulated temperatures to protect the different components of your roof.

Lower Utility Bills

Hot air that becomes trapped in your attic can have a significant impact on your energy costs. This hot air will raise temperatures inside your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder to regulate indoor air temperatures in your living spaces. As a result, you’ll see dramatic increases in your monthly utility bills. By ensuring that you have adequate ventilation in your roofline, you can lower utility costs and enjoy cooler temperatures throughout your home.

Proper ventilation saves you time, energy, and money over time. Intake and exhaust vents are designed to work together to encourage proper airflow, allowing your roof and your home to remain in optimal condition. With expert installation and maintenance of roof vents, you’ll spend less money on roof maintenance and repair.

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