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Will Your Roof Weather This Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Weather

Hurricanes are frightening and destructive forces of nature that can wreak havoc on your home. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you most likely know the dangers and potential damage that can come with a storm of this magnitude.

While you may be experienced at keeping loved ones safe and protected during a storm, what precautions can you take to ensure that your home and the integrity of its structure remain intact? The following information is intended to educate you on the potential dangers of hurricane activity, as well as to give you tips on how to prepare your home for weathering the storm.

When does hurricane season occur?

According to the National Hurricane Center, the peak time for hurricane occurrence is between June 1st and November 30th. Most hurricane activity takes place between August and October, when atmospheric conditions and temperatures are ideal for the formation of offshore storms that grow in intensity.

What kind of damage can occur with a hurricane?

High winds are the number one cause of damage to homes and businesses during a hurricane. Winds in excess of 80-100 miles per hour can rip sections of your roof right off your home, throw objects onto your roof, causing additional damage, and it can rip hardware and other fixtures out of place, leaving your roof and your home compromised and at risk for other damages.

High winds can also cause debris to fly around, which can be downright dangerous and destructive to your home as well. Heavy objects are thrown around quite easily by these driving winds, and if they strike your home, your windows, or your roof, they can cause additional damage to your property.

Excess water and hail are close companions of the high winds associated with hurricanes. As wind has the potential to compromise your roof by ripping sections away from your home, driving water and hail can enter these compromised areas, causing additional damage.

How do I prepare and protect my home for hurricane season?

There are some things you can do as a homeowner to reduce your risk of sustaining damages associated with stormy weather. Take these precautions, and you are likely to reduce or eliminate potentially damaging situations altogether:

  • Schedule a roof evaluation--If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, scheduling regular evaluations is essential. A professional assessment of your roof will determine if there are areas of weakness that exist before storm damage occurs, giving you the opportunity to repair and or replace sections that could be torn apart by a storm.

  • Trim trees on your property--Loose branches and tree bark have the potential to cause damages to your home and property. Taking a walk around your property to see if there are branches and brush that can be cleared will help to prevent damage due to this flying debris.

  • Perform regular maintenance on your home and your roof--Scheduling routine maintenance checks on your roof and your home will help to eliminate compromised issues that could sustain further damage during and after a storm. A roofing specialist can help to identify and repair problems that exist, and work with you to fortify your roof before storm season begins.

  • Clear your gutters and drains--If your gutters and drains are clogged with leaves and other debris, you run the risk of sustaining damage due to standing water on your roof. The longer this water sits on your roof, the more potential there is for leaks and interior damage to occur inside your home. Cleaning out drains and gutters will ensure that all excess water flows down and outward away from your home.

  • Stay updated on your insurance and warranties--Stay ahead of your neighbors by getting updated on insurance policies and warranties. Knowing what you are eligible for will enable you to take full advantage of benefits if you do experience loss or damage. Keeping valuable paperwork such as contracts, warranty information, and contact information for contractors, inspectors, and extra keys in a safe location will help you to rectify any chaos that may ensue as a result of storm damage. You don’t want to be looking for these things amidst ruin and rubble.

Need preparation assistance or repair? We can help!

Len’s Roofing has an extensive track record of excellent service, support, and repair of residential and commercial roofs. We handle every aspect of roof repair and replacement, and we use the highest quality materials and expert professionals to provide you with peace of mind, even during hurricane season. If you have sustained damage, or even if you want to prevent costly repairs when storms come through, trust us to get the job done right. Visit for more information.


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