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Most Common Places For Roof Leaks


Leaking roofs are a common issue for homeowners; telltale signs of a leak include water stains on walls and ceiling as well as unsightly stains left from dirt and debris traveling through your attic. Trying to find the origin of a leak yourself can be not only tricky, but downright dangerous if you attempt to scale your roof and patch it yourself.


On the other hand, leaving a leak to continue is a recipe for disaster; water damage to the exterior and the interior of your home could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and mold remediation. Prompt patching and repair will be essential to not only maintain the integrity of your roof, but to protect and preserve the value of your home as well.


Most common places for roof leaks

Depending on what your roofline looks like, there may be some common places that are problematic for leaks. Call Len’s Roofing to come out and look in these locations and repair the issue before the leak becomes a big strain on your bank account:


  1. Around the chimney. Your chimney can be a primary culprit for a roof leak. The majority of the time, this is due to a cracked or damaged flashing. This thin metal is designed to pick up where natural cracks and gaps in coverage lapse; if flashing is worn or damaged, it can be a point for water to enter your home. Have your chimney and flashing around it inspected at least once a year.

  2. The area around skylights. A skylight can be a great point of entry for light to enter your home. They can be problematic, however, if they start leaking. Skylights leak due to improper installation or worn weather sealing around the glass. Inspect your skylights regularly, especially after heavy storms, to ensure that you see no leaks. 

  3. Around vent pipes. A vent or plumbing pipe is a common protrusion along a roofline; it allows air to circulate through and escape your home. Vent pipes usually have a flashing and rubber boot encircling them to ensure proper fitting within your roof structure. Over time and also due to the natural process of wear and tear, this boot/flashing combination can begin to wear down or loosen, causing an opening for moisture and leaking. Regular maintenance and repair/replacement will be necessary to keep your roof moisture tight.

  4. Missing or cracked tiles/shingles. The most obvious place for a roof to leak is anywhere that you might find missing tiles or shingles. This is an easy thing to spot, as it will look different from the rest of your roofline. Storms, strong wind, and inclement weather can wreak havoc on a roof and tear off what was once securely fastened down. Getting your roof inspected and repaired regularly will help prevent areas of weakness that can result in additional damage to your home and your property.


  1. Areas of low slope. Water tends to pool in recessed and flat areas on your roof; this standing water can begin to wear at and break down materials, compromising their effectiveness in keeping water and debris out of your home. If you suspect that an area of your roof may be an ongoing issue, consider the installation of a taper system which creates a slight roof pitch that allows water to run off your roof thus keeping water away from the interior of your home.

No better time: Book your inspection today!

Keeping on top of roof repair and maintenance is making a long-term investment in the value of your home, and we want to help you do just that! Len's Roofing in Bradenton, FL is a team of dedicated professionals who are fully trained in all aspects of care, repair, and maintenance of all types of roofs. Our passion is customer service; our purpose is to preserve and protect the integrity of your home and your roof. Call us at 941-896-7897 to schedule a roof inspection.  Visit our website at


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