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Roof Replacement 101: What To Expect When Your Contractor Shows Up

Aerial View of Rooftops

Your roof is an essential and very important part of your home---it provides shelter, saves on heating and cooling costs, and makes your property more beautiful and pleasing to behold.

Roof maintenance

Many homeowners don't give thought to repairing or maintaining their roof until a problem develops. Missing shingles, leaky ceilings, and clogged gutters all point to the need to repair your roof to maintain its strength and integrity.

Unfortunately, if your roof goes unchecked and untreated for too long, you may find yourself needing a roof replacement. Before you get too anxious about the process of replacing an entire roof, let's take a look at what you can expect from start to finish. Having a trusted contractor, like Len’s Roofing, to lead you through the process will give you peace of mind that this investment is a wise choice. Here's what you can expect as you consider roof replacement:

  • The process should not be delayed. A compromised roof, complete with missing shingles and standing water, can damage your home's interior. If you delay replacement, you may be looking at much more costly repairs to your home's interior. Schedule your roof work as soon as possible to avoid unwanted expenses.

  • You'll need to choose materials. Speak with your roofing contractor to determine which roofing materials are appropriate for your home and your budget. Quite often, options are offered based on locality, as certain types of roofing material are not ideal for your location. It may be best to follow your roofing contractor's recommendations, as they have experience with material and installation that is of value to you. Ask questions about roof materials and the building process as needed and get ready for the magic to start happening when the whole crew shows up.

  • You'll be getting some packages delivered. Before the date of your installation, you'll be getting a dumpster delivered to your home for the purpose of collecting old roofing materials. Additionally, you'll receive new roofing materials, and these will most likely be placed on your driveway. Communicate with your contractor about these delivery dates and make room for these materials to prepare for your upcoming work.

  • Secure areas of your landscaping and make plans for pets and children. Prior to workday, make arrangements for pets and children to be accounted for during work. If you have delicate landscaping areas that you don't wish to be disturbed, cover them with tarp or cloth, and communicate to the crew that you would like these areas to be undisturbed as much as possible. Do your best to steer clear of active work areas, as you could sustain injury from falling debris, shingles, and nails. Establish a point of contact with the crew in the event that you have questions and let them get on with doing quality work.

  • There will be a final inspection. It is common for a contractor to come back out to your home after work has been completed to do a final inspection and collect the final portion of the payment. An additional sweep of your property will be performed to look for debris, nails, and other things that may have been left behind. Let your contractor know if you have questions or concerns about work performed, and if you have questions about ongoing maintenance, now is the time to ask. You'll want to protect your most valuable investment with regular care and inspections to enhance and extend its life.

Replacement is made easier with a trusted contractor!

Len's Roofing has over twenty-five years of experience with service, inspection, repair, and installation of roofing types. From initial assessment to clean up and beyond, we have professionals attending every step of the roof maintenance, repair, and replacement process. Your wish is our command; let our technicians know how we can protect and beautify your most valuable asset---your home. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit us at for a free assessment and some information on how we can fortify and beautify your home.


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