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Tips To Prepare For A Roof Replacement

Getting a brand-new roof on your home is quite an exciting experience. Kids, pets, and even you want in on the action, watching roofers tear off shingles, throw down nails, and climb up the roof like it’s an easy feat. Viewing this at close range while your roofing company is performing your work is downright dangerous. Once they have begun the careful work of deconstructing and replacing your roof, your home is officially a construction zone.

Making roof replacement a snap

To make a home roof replacement go more smoothly, there are some things you can do to prep your family----and your home---during work time. Follow these tips to ensure that your family is safe and that your contractor’s personal space is respected for best results:

  1. Consider your kids and your pets--Loud noises coming from outside may disturb sleeping habits or cause anxiety. While it might be ok to watch from a safe distance, know that work zones are hazardous areas for kids and pets. Have conversations with children before the start of your replacement and do what you can to contain pets and small children indoors to avoid complications and possible injuries. The more you can stay out of harm’s way, the more efficient and effective your roofing crew will be.

  2. Move your vehicles--Your contractor and crew will need quick access to their tools and vehicles throughout the day, which means you’ll have to move your vehicles so you can have access to them as you need them. Plan a place for parking each of your cars until the work and cleanup have been performed.

  3. Take down delicate wall decor--Believe it or not, the vibrations coming from above can cause delicate artwork and other precious valuables to shake out of position in your home. If you have any delicate crystal or priceless artwork displayed, put these items in a more secure place until after your roof replacement is finished. It will be well worth the hassle to take down and put back up if you don’t have to replace anything that has become damaged due to a fall.

  4. Cover belongings in the attic--During a roof replacement, your attic will be briefly exposed to the elements. In addition, numerous people walking around on your roof, coupled with the work itself, will likely shake a bit of debris and dust into your attic. If you have valuables stored up there, cover them with a protective tarp or sheet to reduce the possibility of damage, and know that you’ll have to do a bit of cleanup yourself after your roof has been properly secured.

  5. Move grills and patio furniture away from the work zone--Put outdoor items securely in storage or arrange to have them stored at a neighbor’s home while your work is being performed.

  6. Prune trees and shrubbery before work begins--Low lying branches and other debris on your roof can be an impediment to the roofing crew. Getting your roof clear of debris and as clean as possible will make tear down and rebuilding a snap.

  7. Identify and delegate power outlets---Your crew is likely to need several viable sources of power during construction so they can use their specialized equipment. Identify these sources of power, and make sure your roofer knows where and when to access them to complete the work successfully.

  8. Talk to your neighbors--A good neighbor will understand that your property maintenance affects the value of their home. Talk to your neighbors ahead of time and tell them what to expect during your project, as well as give them an anticipated time for completion. Most people will be very understanding and accommodating of this, and you can return the favor in kind when it comes time to do work on their homes.

In need of a roof replacement? Give us a call!

If you find yourself in need of roof repair or replacement, Len’s Roofing is the best in the biz! With over twenty-five years of stellar customer service, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction, we will exceed all of your expectations, no matter what the size and scope of your roof project is. Len’s Roofing has everything you need to maintain and improve your roof. Call us today at 941-896-7897 or visit us at to set-up a consultation with our roofing experts and get ready to see and feel a significant improvement in your home.


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